Selfie Re-Enactments Redux

It’s been a little over a year since I posted the bit about the selfie re-enactment photos my friend Dia likes to make inspires us to take. The tradition is still going strong.

After weeks of our social schedules not lining up, we all made it happen for a late night showing of Wonder Woman the Friday it opened. Obvi, we had to do our warrior woman pose.


Dia and I went dancing downtown after a particularly bad week for both of us. After drinking a lot of whiskey (okay that was me) we decided to drop into a diner for late night onion rings (that was me, too) and then got inspired by the poster decor to do a Sopranos selfie (that was actually all Dia).


The night we all needed light-hearted hilarity and went to see Snatched, Dia proposed both The Supremes (she immediately claimed Diana Ross) and Charlie’s Angels (I immediately claimed Jaclyn Smith).

The Supremes was handled in the hallway right outside the theater room, with people stepping around us to get to their seat.


Charlie’s Angels happened much later, after we’d played Michael Jackson: The Experience for hours. Dia made us do like a million takes so that she could get Farrah Fawcett’s expression just right.


I think it’s my favorite selfie yet. On second thought, a close second. Right after Hazel Scott and Lena Horne.


The evil genius mastermind behind all this.


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