What Happens When Your Friend Gets a Selfie Stick

My friend Dia loves her new selfie stick. She’s kind of a beast with it. Now she’s on this kick where she makes all her friends pose like other iconic photos. Behold:


When Dia showed me this pic of Lucy and Ethel, it was on. We did multiple outtakes, in a Greek diner on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The other patrons ignored us.


Dia’s favorite. She thinks we’re reincarnated.


My personal favorite – Hazel Scott and Lena Horne. We took this one at a cool steakhouse juke joint type place during a film fundraiser event. We waited until the singer they had actually hired to perform went on break, then hustled on up to the piano. I was convinced the dinner-eating patrons were looking at us like what the hell? Dia says nobody was paying any attention. I’m not sure I believe her.

Clearly, we’re having too much fun with this!





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