I’m Shannon Yvonne Moreau and I’m a writer and blogger on the topics of Black history, pop culture, and personal stories. My first published historical articles, about the pioneering Black female journalist and anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells, appeared in Cricket and American History magazines. I’ve served as both president and secretary of the local chapter of a national writers organization. In 2020, I helped launch the New Mexico Black Leadership Council’s EQ Online and am the contributing editor.

Photography by Qiao Qiao Jade
Photography by Qiao Qiao Jade

Besides writing, I love reading (of course!), going to movies, marathoning TV shows, and dancing.

I grew up in Washington State, where it rains a lot. I now live in New Mexico, where it rains really hard for five minutes and then the sun comes back out.

Photography by Qiao Qiao Jade

I never get tired of the sun.

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Other Writing Creds

Blogger at New Mexico Black Leadership Council

Blogger at New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee

Blogger of Read, Write, Bliss

Diploma for completion of the Writing for Children and Teenagers course from the Institute of Children’s Literature

“Americans: Ida B. Wells, Crusader for Justice,” American History

“The Story of Ida B. Wells,” Cricket Magazine

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