Shannon’s Wicked Halloween Playlist

or, Happy Throwback Thursday Halloween

My first blog from back in the day was super experimental, super all over the place, and is no longer public. Some of the posts were off topic and some were super long (like my recount/review of the Rihanna/Kesha concert back when I had lofty aspirations of being a Rolling Stone writer). Some were listicles that I remember and think, huh. That one was kinda fun.

From 2010, my blog post of a random selection of songs from my Halloween playlist.

What’s Halloween without a party, and what’s a party without killer music? In compiling my playlist, I realized there is no shortage of songs about darkness, doom, depression, and despair. Imagine that. Fortunately, there is still room for a little magic.

I’m So Afraid – Fleetwood Mac. No spooks or demons needed to get to this condition. All it takes is one’s own loneliness, which is infinite, unchanging, and terrifying.

Fleetwood Mac “I’m So Afraid” live performance from The Dance 1997

The Green Manalishi – Judas Priest. The devil is beside you, is at your door, is in your bed. Who else torments and tortures well into adulthood but that one person you thought was your lover? Two pronged crown, indeed.

Judas Priest “The Green Manalishi” live performance video

Still Life – Iron Maiden. Leftover teenage angst is tapped in this creepy suicide pact tale. Or maybe it’s the fluent, haunting opening guitar solo emulating a mysterious pool’s rippling surface that keeps luring me back.

Iron Maiden “Still Life” video showing Piece of Mind album cover

I Put a Spell on You – Nina Simone. Other excellent covers have been made of this Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song, but something about Simone’s rendering sinks in and stays with you. When the High Priestess says “you’re mine,” you’d better believe it.

Nina Simone “I Put A Spell On You” video with several images of Nina Simone

(Don’t Fear) the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult. Funny title for an ode to everlasting love. Maybe not. Looking for and finding your one and only is an acceptance of need. Anyone you need can leave you, and will one day die. Same goes for you. Fearful stuff. But, God, the alternative: life without love. That’s the real horror.

Blue Oyster Cult “Don’t Fear The Reaper” video including with live concert footage

Witch Doctor – David Seville. What with all the darkness and despair, you gotta throw in some lightness and fun. Besides, behind the squeaky, perky walla-walla is the same story—resorting to a wicked scheme to try to get someone to love you back and end your misery.

David Seville “The Witch Doctor” video with vintage Chipmunks album cover

Thriller – Michael Jackson. Anything that makes someone with pretty girl issues want to dress up like a tattered, rotting, sunken-eyed zombie, brings a diverse group of people to the park on a weeknight to practice the shuffle-ha-slide during a lightning storm, and gathers an even more diverse of over 200 to perform the dance at Tiguex Park simultaneously with the rest of the globe for Thrill the World, is pure magic.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video
Shannon as a Thriller Zombie making the wide eyed open mouthed zombie face.

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