Sunday Walking Playlist – The Seventies Bluesy Rock Edition


I finally got my new pair of walking shoes–Adidas Supernova Glide–and took them out for my first Sunday morning fast walk this May.

Of course, playlists ensued. Here are a few tracks that kept me stepping. For some reason this morning, I needed to revisit the rock/blues of my childhood.

Never Been Any Reason by Head East

Since You’ve Been Gone by Rainbow

Aint Wasting Time No More by The Allman Brothers Band

Do You Know What I Mean by Lee Michaels

(Had no idea how cute he was till I found this video. He reminds me of Hugh Grant when he smiles.)

Bell Bottom Blues by Derek and the Dominos

(Okay, this was more of a cool down track.)

Hmm. I’m sensing another theme here. Most of these are “been left or mistreated by my lover” songs.

I wonder what that’s about?


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