On the Rooftop

Bliss May 5, 2014 This photo was taken from the rooftop level of the hospital parking garage in downtown Albuquerque. As I was walking to my car, I thought of the scene in Breaking Bad when Gus Fring is striding through the hospital parking garage and gets the feeling something is very wrong. I saw this … More On the Rooftop

I’m Going To Be in a Music Video (For a Second or Two)

Bliss January 27, 2014 Dia invited me to a video shoot for a local surf rock band called Pool Party. She texted me: “I recommend  doing your hair / makeup but just plain casual clothes and shoes that are super comfy.” It turns out that her idea of super comfy shoes is pointy, high-heeled boots, … More I’m Going To Be in a Music Video (For a Second or Two)

Breaking Bad Finale Watch Party in Albuquerque

“Anything really worthwhile is perishable.”—Bryan Cranston Bliss September 30, 2013 Text from me: Hey, Cyn, r u watching Breaking Bad? Want to go to the finale watch party on Sunday? Cynthia: Hey Shannon girl you know I’m watching Breaking Bad. Where’s the party??? “This parking lot is full,” said Cynthia as we drove around the … More Breaking Bad Finale Watch Party in Albuquerque

Stormy Weather in ABQ

Storify by Shannon Moreau Stormy Weather in ABQ Happy Hour. Storm of the Century in the Desert. Good Times. Friday. Happy hour. Was planning to treat my Hot Tub Readers to dinner and drinks as a thank you for being my manuscript beta readers and helping me with my pitch. Totally ignored the NWS warning that … More Stormy Weather in ABQ