My Brain Hasn’t Been This Messed Up Since College Finals

Bliss June 25, 2014 So I’m getting ready for this trip to New Orleans. The trip of a lifetime. Between staying functional at the day job, taking care of my hip-replacement-recovering Ma, sending out agent queries, rewriting the second book, and trying to find enough sundresses to take on this trip so I don’t melt, … More My Brain Hasn’t Been This Messed Up Since College Finals

On the Rooftop

Bliss May 5, 2014 This photo was taken from the rooftop level of the hospital parking garage in downtown Albuquerque. As I was walking to my car, I thought of the scene in Breaking Bad when Gus Fring is striding through the hospital parking garage and gets the feeling something is very wrong. I saw this … More On the Rooftop

Big Cat, Little Cat

Bliss March 24, 2014 I’m doing this Sunday night movie routine (until Mad Men returns on April 13th, that is), and this Sunday I watched the 1966 classic Born Free. Because I love animals so, I crooned and blubbered through most of the movie. For some strange reason, after the movie was over, my two cats acted restless … More Big Cat, Little Cat