Movie Night: Say Anything

I re-watched the 80’s classic movie Say Anything and recorded my running commentary.

Say Anything Movie Poster. John Cusack as Lloyd Dobbler holding up a boombox in foreground. Looking at Ione Skye as Diane Court laughing in the background.
Title: SAY ANYTHING.. Film Director: CROWE, CAMERON ·Year: 1989

First time I tried to watch this movie I had a sinus infection which may have affected my viewing experience because I kept thinking why does everyone love this movie so much? Time to give it another shot.

I didn’t know this was a Cameron Crowe film. How did I not know that?

Who is Ione Skye? Why does she look familiar? OMG John Cusack looks so young.

Oh. It’s set in Seattle. How did I not know that either? I was living in the Pacific Northwest when this movie came out. Another example of being robbed of my homeland my heritage whatever.

Oh Lord is that what that guy was screeching “Greatest Love of All” – it was unrecognizable.

Actually the “Go back” line is pretty funny.

Poor Lloyd no one came to his graduation? And here I was feeling like I got abandoned just because my grandmother and my uncle and aunt came to my graduation but didn’t stick around to congratulate me afterwards. But who freaking cares? My mom was there and that’s all that matters.

Oh Em Gee Joan Cusak looks so young too! And she’s right: there is no food in his food.

WTF. The little boy has a mullet and it looks hideous.

Aw, Diane’s dad is a really nice dad.

Ha ha hiding in the bathroom to make a phone call for a date. Oh the good ol days. Not.

Oh my God I remember having a heater just like that in an apartment back in the day. I used to just sit in front of it with the cat while studying.

Weird. I was just thinking oh it would’ve been nice to have an experience like this a guy calling you after graduation but then I remember I did have a guy call me after graduation. It was really nice for a while. Funny that I can say that.

Oh dear he is so ecstatic she agreed to the date and she’s like who is this guy?

This is really cool that she comes to like him at the party as she sees what a great and caring guy he is and goes on all these adventures with him.

Look! The street is wet. Why is it wet? Because it always rains in Washington state.

I really like that scene where she and her dad were telling the story to his dinner guests about her being scared to fly on the plane and the dinner guests were like oh these two are weird but Lloyd was like oh it’s so great that you two can talk to each other I can’t talk to anyone that way.

Lloyd’s career discussion was sublime and afterward it was . . . awkward.

What? “Brandy” is playing in the background. Do do do do do do do do do do Brandy she’s a fine girl. Wow. My friend Brandy hated that song.

Ugh. I never learned to drive a clutch. Fuck that shit.

“What did we just decide?” Best line ever.

She did not just give him that pen.

WTF is that Jeremy Piven?

“I got hurt really bad. I never wanna go through that again.” Word.

Ha ha, yeah, he should hang out with more guys. That’s the answer.

“That was a mistake.” Truer words were never spoken.

I sympathize with her dad, having to listen to him ramble on the answering machine while he’s dealing with a tax audit nightmare.

Oh dear how awful trying to ask out the clerk only to have his cards get declined.

Dang, I was definitely sleeping for most of the movie last time I saw this–I don’t remember any of this turn of events.

Well this movie is totally different when you’re not sick from a two weeks long sinus infection.

Lot of Soundgarden on this soundtrack. RIP Chris Cornell.

Additional post viewing thoughts.

The title had more to do with the father-daughter relationship than the boy-girl relationship.

I don’t know why Ione Skye looked familiar. Maybe from seeing this movie before but through a brown fog of sickness.

All of my graduation memories are actually about college graduation. I barely remember a thing from my high school graduation. Other than being so relieved to finally be released from prison.

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