Revision Diaries– The Purple Rain Remix

I’m making manuscript revisions based on feedback from my two beta readers . . . amazing feedback, though kind of annoying, too. Like, “how many freaking love beats do I need to have for each guy? I’m trying to cut words, not add. And it’s a love triangle! Isn’t that the thing?”

Anyway. I added this scene that is the first inkling of love beat for the heroine and one of the heroes. She’s coming back from a walk at the edge of campus and sees him playing basketball with his buddy through a chain-link fence. She’s listening to her workout remix of Prince’s Purple Rain, where she recorded the songs in a different order to match her workout flow. So of course I had to re-create this remix that I made up in order to make sure that it works right in real life. That the arrangement of the songs really flow from warm up to cardio to cool down to core strengthening to stretching. And boy does it work.

I’ve fast-walked to and jammed on the stationary bike to it. It’s kind of wild how well it works. I have a new appreciation for how much of an influence Prince had on my heroine’s psyche, that he’s a source of strength for her while dealing with lifelong shame.

I also really envy that she gets to experience listening to the power ballad “Purple Rain” back in the day when it evoked the sorrow of losing a lover as opposed to the anguish of losing Prince. 

Prince’s Purple Rain CD plus Hearts and Viking Plot Duckies

Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain Workout Remix:

“Take Me With U”

“When Doves Cry”

“Computer Blue”

“I Would Die 4 U”

“Let’s Go Crazy”

“Baby I’m A Star”

“The Beautiful Ones”

“Darling Nikki”

“Purple Rain”

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