5 Signs You’ve Found Your Writing Tribe

or, Best. Road Trip. Ever.

RWA18 - Roadside Colorado

In July I road tripped to the 2018 RWA conference in Denver with my LERA chapter buddies. As I expected, we had a blast. Driving through rainstorms, singing along to the driving playlist, relaxing at the pool, giving each other pep talks, playing the Red Flags card game while drinking wine. Oh, and we attended some conference workshops, too.

So many amazing experiences happened on this trip, but the one standout realization I had is that I have found  my writing tribe. Here are some examples of the signs of true kindred spirit-ness.

1. You crush it at the speed pitching session, and afterwards, when you are at the Keynote Luncheon and your crew starts asking for all the deets, they look into your eyes and recognize the introvert-pretending-to-be-an-extrovert crash that is happening and say, “Never mind. Tell us later.”

There were many, many decompression moments.

2. You convince the one who is far less inebriated than you are to dance with you to “Party in the U.S.A.” at the RITA Awards Ceremony.

3. Your Chapter Secretary thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to post a picture of you holding the “bunny love” cock ring you won at the Passionate Ink Party.

4. You tell your breakfast buddy the life lesson you learned from a Donald Duck comic book, and she totally gets it.

5. Your Chapter Programs VP wins three awesome prizes at the PRO Retreat, and gives one of the prizes to you. And the prize just happens to be a phone call with an author you have been trying to meet since 2014.

This is what happens when you find your tribe.

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