Road Trip! #RWA18 Denver

Time for another RWA road trip. My last one was four years ago. Four years! How time flies when life overtakes.

This trip is going to be such a blast. Me and three of my LERA pals are riding up together from Albuquerque. Epic bonding, singing, and drool napping will occur. I’m bringing a case of sparkling water in case of motion sickness—the driver has this colorful idea of taking all the back roads to Denver.

We planned most of our respective schedules for the conference already, over happy hour during a hail storm. Writing craft and business courses, networking, parties, Golden Heart and RITA awards ceremonies, fangirling, rehashing at the bar.

And the pool. Every day the pool.

RWA18 Packing
Starting to pack. Swimsuits fo sho.

Another bonus about this trip for me is making new memories. My last visit to Denver, years ago, served as the catalyst for my then boyfriend to initiate a prolonged breakup, wherein he told me (in so many words) that I was a cold, hard bitch.

So yeah. It’s time to expunge that bullshit. Bring on the new life phase of seriously pursuing my passion and building lasting relationships with my writing friends.

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