The Schedule vs. Reality

or, it’s good to have goals

Remember in Bridget Jones’s Diary when Bridget decides that, for her birthday, she’ll cook a fancy dinner for her friends (to compensate for the chasm of not having a boyfriend to take her to dinner for her birthday) and, to say the least, it doesn’t go well? In her delusion that she’ll get everything done she creates this cray-cray schedule that requires her to prepare Grand Marnier soufflés in the space of five minutes and tidy up and move furniture in the space of ten? And then how spectacularly that schedule fell apart? Toward the end she retreated to her bathtub with a glass of champagne, telling herself that none of her guests will care that the food’s not done as long as she’s freshly bathed and dressed nice. That was how she dealt with the vast discrepancy between how things were going to go according her schedule and how they actually went.

My copy of Bridget Jones’s Diary. And that face. That face right there. How I feel.

I had kind of the same feeling when I finally psyched myself up to look at my schedule for my various writing projects and evaluate what I had actually accomplished.

Here goes:

Complete the research revisions for WWDW
Scheduled completion date: January 21st
Actual completion date: January 27th. Not bad. Just a week late. Close to on track.

Develop a list of 10 agents for WWDW
Scheduled completion date: January 26th
Actual completion date: January 23rd. Awesome! Except list of viable agents is six, not 10.

Determine GMCs for 3 main characters on new erotic romance
Scheduled completion date: January 28th
Actual completion date: Learned cannot know GMCs until I know characters by writing first draft. Assigned archetypes instead. February 25th. It’s okay. Just a month later. Just a month.

Outline plot using Hero’s Journey
Scheduled completion date: February 17th
Actual completion date: March 7th Not too shabby. Getting back to it.

Write first draft of manuscript
Scheduled completion date: March 17th
Actual completion date: Still writing it as of June 21st

Revise manuscript second draft
Scheduled completion date: April 17th
Actual completion date: Who the fuck knows? Still working on the first draft.

Write elevator pitch for WWDW
Scheduled completion date: January 25th
Actual completion date: May 12th

Find beta readers for WWDW
Scheduled completion date: January 31st
Actual completion date: Still looking as of June 21st

Write query for WWDW
Scheduled completion date: February 4th
Actual completion date: Still working on that one as of June 21st

Sent WWDW query to agents
Scheduled completion date: February – March
Actual completion date: HAHAHAHAHA

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