Trippy Scribblings from the Other Side

or, Don’t Take a Benadryl Before Brainstorming and Damn Those Mosquitoes at the Outdoor Concert on Friday Night

Oh, the concert in the park was so great. Blues music, wine, Rolling Stone magazine, and those damn bugs.

Me trying to transcribe the brainstorming notes that I wrote on Saturday afternoon while in a Benadryl-and-desert-heat-induced fog:

“So, what I need is a reason for GG & J to be working did your in the [what?]”

“And a reason why & then [they?] to get to know One another.”

This next line, I bracketed in hearts. In hearts. To indicate that I loved this concept. If only I could fucking read what this brilliant concept was.

“Also, need for J total her [what?] night [can’t decipher this line of scribbles at all.].”

Next page:

“Her worse nightmare is being t exposed [what the fuck did I write here?].”

“So in climax [Nope. No clue.] GG?”

It gets better.

“She needs to run into GG as a past and future reaction.”

Not kidding. That’s what I actually wrote. And just in case I thought I wouldn’t take myself seriously later, I wrote it again, more or less, on the very next line:

“As a result of past and future actions.”

Followed that brilliance up with

“How to [What the hell happened here? Worst chicken scratch ever.] dad’s their [But wait. More chicken scratch].”

And finally

“Yep. Nothing. No ideas. Let’s get back to reading.”

Great idea. Why don’t I just pass out and drool over my eReader instead?


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