Elephant Pants and Butterfly Kimonos and Black Lace. Oh, My!

There’s this scene in Eat, Pray, Love where the protag buys a crap ton of lingerie and sleepwear just ‘cause. I read that and was like, that sounds like a lot of fun. I want to do that someday. Well, this Saturday, as a reward for all the crying and trauma I’ve been going through for the past few months, I accomplished my version of bucket list lingerie buying.

As in, when I checked out, the clerk held up a black lace number and was like, “Do you realize how much this costs?”

Yes. Yes, I do. It’s comfortable and makes my boobs look fabulous so I don’t freaking care how much it costs.

I mean, I spent ALL DAY cleaning my house that had been neglected for three weeks thanks to clearing out my mom’s apartment, and then paying bills and balancing bank statements (mine is off by thirty bucks but for the first time in my life IDGAF), so I felt pretty much entitled.



Wide legged lounge pants with elephants. Elephants. Nothing more needs to be said on that.


Plus, a pink Wendy from Witches of East End style kimono with fringe and butterflies. If that doesn’t scream Shannon Yvonne Moreau to the heavens I don’t know what does.

Next on the agenda? I’m thinking a wild night of dancing in da club and a debauched weekend in Vegas. I just need the right outfit. Maybe something like this.

I’d better get back to doing those leg squats.

gif source: giphy.com via http://www.fox.com/empire

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