My New Website

I finally did it. I got my own website with my own domain name and everything. I am truly committed to this writing gig. Or maybe I should just be committed, period. I’ve been planning this since Angela James of Carina Press gave a presentation on building your author brand at a recent Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA) meeting. I decided it’s time to create an author site and own my writing aspirations for real.

Photo credit: Qiao Qiao Jade.

I am still sending out queries for the book I have been revising and condensing over the past couple of years. I am also revising my book that started as a NaNoWriMo project. You can read a little bit about my books here. My former site, the Read, Write, Bliss blog, is still up, and many of those posts are on this site’s blog page. From here on out I will be writing and posting at this site, I’ll share updates about my writing process and progress, books I’m reading, and anything else I feel I must share with the world, even if it’s just a cute cat pic.

I do love some whimsy.

One thought on “My New Website

  1. Ms. Moreau, love the new site! It’s sexy, feminine, and PINK:) Nicely done. Looking forward to keeping up with the adventures of the ever so lovely adult fiction diva. Much love, peace, joy, and good health! xoxo Stella Rey


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