Bring the Coffee, Hold the Blue Jeans

March 31, 2014

I feel a road trip coming on.

A lot of things are competing for my money this year, so my goal is to make it to the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference in San Antonio this July as cheaply as possible.

The topic came up when we met for dinner and drinks after seeing the Cesar Chavez movie.

"De Colores" is on my mind.
“De Colores” is on my mind.

Martha drives to San Antonio to visit family a couple times a year. “We’ll rent a car and either get a room at Lackland or stay with one of my sisters.”

“And bring our own coffee,” I said. “You know I have to have real coffee. No instant vanilla-flavored nonsense.”

“And no blue jeans.” Martha said. “Because it’s hot hot hot in Texas in July. People will know you’re from out of town if you wear blue jeans.”

“What do the cowboys wear?” I asked, because I was picturing, you know, something like this.

Deep in the Heart of Texas #2
Deep in the Heart of Texas #2

“At night, when they go dancing, they’ll wear jeans. But during the day, it’s shorts and flip-flops. So for us, tank tops, shorts, and sundresses.”

Good thing I got that exercise bike.

“Because as soon as you get up and go outside, you start sweating and your hair blows up,” Martha said.

Don’t I know it. Check out my big hair from the Atlanta, Georgia RWA conference last year.


“So we’re talking five ways to rock a messy bun or ponytail time,” I said.

“Get that hair up and off the back of your neck, that’s right.”

“Oh, and bug spray,” I said. “Lots and lots of bug spray. I get one mosquito bite and the entire back of my leg swells up.”

“Me, too,” said Vic. “There’s supposed to be some kind of natural coconut oil mixed with something else repellent that works better than DEET.”

“We need to look that shit up,” I said.

I feel a road trip coming on.

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