Big Cat, Little Cat

March 24, 2014

Courtesy of Netflix.
Image courtesy of Netflix.

I’m doing this Sunday night movie routine (until Mad Men returns on April 13th, that is), and this Sunday I watched the 1966 classic Born Free.

Because I love animals so, I crooned and blubbered through most of the movie.

For some strange reason, after the movie was over, my two cats acted restless and hungry, even though I had already fed them their dinner.

So I said to them, “Go on out and hunt down your own food. If Elsa the tame lion can do it, so can you.”


That really didn’t go anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Big Cat, Little Cat

      1. lol – I love when my cat lets me rub his belly, he starts licking you and it immediately turns into bites and bunny claws. Cracks me up. The stacking just adds to the enjoyment


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