Chaos Rectified. Great. No More Excuses.

February 5, 2014

Thursday evening: all my workshop, conference, and pitch papers are separated into stacks. Grey Bear wonders what the heck I think I’m going to do with all this. Red Bow Bear is just happy she doesn’t have to deal with it.


Saturday afternoon. Not much better. Managed to add more stacks. Grey Bear is really happy that all he has to do in this house is hold up my Django hat.


Two and a half hours and an aching back later, it’s done. Trust me when I say that I am much happier about this than The Three Bears are. And they didn’t lift one finger to help.


Lest you think I just threw everything into a closet, forced the door shut, and propped a tall piece of furniture in front of it, here is the proof: all the papers organized in notebooks and placed neatly back on the bookshelf. (Please excuse the condition of the dictionary. At least it’s well-used!) This kind of miracle hasn’t happened since that time I took a week off to finish the last Harry Potter book and clean the garage. In that order.


My new working query and pitch book. Oh. That means I actually have to work now. Damn it.


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