Great. Just More Chaos to Contend With.

January 29, 2014

In last week’s episode of Nashville (a show I am currently a little obsessed with), country star Rayna Jaymes is coaching her faltering, fledgling artist on what it takes to make it in the business. She tells her that she has to

“. . . want this more than you hate all those other things.”

I find this fitting as I head into the querying process.

I just have to get all my market and industry and draft papers in order. I thought I was close to having it almost under control, I really did. Then, somehow, this happened.


 The cat seems totally okay with it. But I am not.

I know, this whole organizing kick I’m on may seem like I am just putting off the inevitable, kind of like cleaning house instead of sitting down to write. But I am at the point when I really do have to get my system into some sort of cohesion.  I have to step away from the fun, messy, creative phase and embrace the not-so-fun, ordered, business phase. Because I really want to get my book out there more than I hate sorting all my old notes and planning my attack on all these intimidating market leads.

The cat seems happy either way. Maybe I should be taking notes. If I could just find a blank notebook. Yeah. Because that’s all I need.

2 thoughts on “Great. Just More Chaos to Contend With.

  1. Shannon, I’m an artist, and I can totally relate! As we say, I’d rather be in the studio. Hang in there. I find Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income very inspiring. Okay, back to working on my website with WordPress. :-s


    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Julie! I will have to check out Pat Flynn. A little something to look forward to after I finish this task I still want to put off. Good luck with the site!


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