New Year’s Resolutions — Sort Of

January 6, 2014

There is this excerpt from Sylvia Day’s Bared to You (which I am re-reading for the third time) where Eva tells her dad,

“. . .  and then I plan on staying in tomorrow. Sleeping in late, hanging out in my pajamas all day, maybe some movies and food delivery of some sort.”

I thought, oh, this sounds so great. I need to do this soon, before my writing hiatus is over.

Soon came sooner than I expected. On Saturday I woke up with a killer sinus headache and fatigue and I stayed in my PJs all day long. And sat around catching up on Sleepy Hollow and skimming books and watching Pride & Prejudice, the 2005 version with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen (because when Little Dorrit aired on PBS Matthew Macfadyen was SO my TV guy crush). The only thing missing from this loafing around day was the take-out, and that’s because one of my New Year’s resolutions is to eat better—balanced, home-cooked meals, that kind of thing.

I went to bed at 10:30 pm and slept until 8:00 am because my second New Year’s resolution is to get enough sleep—eight hours or more, apparently.

This was exactly what we needed to soak up the alcohol. More sugar. So, this whole eating better thing started after NYE.
This was exactly what we needed to soak up the alcohol on NYE. More sugar.
The whole eating better thing came way after.

We had the ultimate girls’ night out on New Year’s Eve. Three of us shared a cab to one of the hotels for a live band party that one of the other girls recommended. I danced all night long. In my heels. Not my pantyhose, though. Yeah, those got destroyed halfway through the night because pantyhose are mean, stingy pieces of crap that disintegrate when you’re trying to pull them back up after taking your first piss in the hotel bathroom. It was a good thing I had shaved my legs, even though it’s, you know, winter.

Early in the evening on NYE. No drinks yet. Still had my pantyhose.
Early in the evening on NYE. No drinks yet. Still had my pantyhose.

Anyway, we danced all night to Cream and Santana and Prince and Led Zeppelin and I remembered how much I love to dance. The girl who recommended the band said that she and her gang look for dance venues every weekend and that she’d call me and so my third New Year’s resolution is to go dancing more.

We’ll see how this all pans out. It is still winter, after all. The time when we all tend to pull out the “it’s cold and dark and I’m tired” excuse for sitting on our asses because we think we’re hibernating or something.

Yep, we’ll see.

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