Size and Superpowers Aren’t Everything

November 18, 2013

I got my new iPhone! I'm sad for my Blackberry, though. I bond with my phones.
I got my new iPhone! I’m sad for my Blackberry, though. I bond with my phones.

I met my favorite filmmaking duo, Dia and Allan of Cheza Jouer Films, for dinner on Saturday night. Talk turned to our favorite TV shows, and Dia inevitably shared her off-point observations.

Dia: I really like Sleepy Hollow, but Nicole Beharie is so petite. Don’t you think that makes her unconvincing as a police officer?

Me: No, I think she projects strength and presence.

Dia: But she’s so tiny. Even in heels. How would she get somebody in a headlock?

Me: The goal of law enforcement officers is to not let anyone get close enough to have to put them in a headlock. That’s why they carry guns.

Dia: And the teddy bear in Grimm —why doesn’t she have any powers?

Me: Rosalee has powers. She’s the potions master.

Dia: Monroe and Renard turn into creatures and have superpowers. She turns into a creature, nothing.

Me: She makes the kick-ass potions that save peoples’ lives.

Dia: Sure, she cooks in the kitchen. Anybody can do that.

Me: Did you miss the part about saving peoples’ lives?

Dia: When Monroe and Renard had to take Nick down, they could have used her help.

Me: When Sgt. Wu collapsed and his entire body erupted like a volcano, who made the potion that saved him?

Allan: I love Sgt. Wu.

Dia: All I’m saying is, if Rosalee had superpowers too, everything would get taken care of a lot more efficiently.

Me: Except when someone gets poisoned or hexed and needs one of Rosalee’s antidotes.

Allan: You two are going to be doing a lot of fighting in the writer’s room.

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