Fall Cleaning, or Why Do I Still Have This?

November 4, 2013

Me: “You have a picture of half-naked men lounging around in a tree Tarzan-style.”
Mom: “Actually, they’re completely naked.”

I spent Saturday unpacking Mom’s new apartment, which of course raised the question, more than once, “you mean I actually packed that?” (Except for the naked men picture. She totally meant to pack that.)

Which made me think about all the crap I have lying around my house that I do not need and would be embarrassed to actually put into a box and move to a new dwelling.  Sunday I spent my extra hour from the end of daylight saving time purging one of my kitchen cupboards and the house key nook. Into either the trash or the give-away box I tossed the warped, chipped water bottle; lid-less containers and container-less lids; a plethora of empty spice bottles; the soap dispenser that looks great but doesn’t dispense soap very well; and knick-knacks that don’t mean anything to me anymore, including the ones that had been a gift. No guilt! It felt so great, I’ll be continuing this clearing out thing for the next few weeks.


All of the shot glasses stay, though.

And so does this guy.


In other exciting news, my next door neighbor’s turkey got out of her pen and was hanging out on her owner’s roof for awhile.

Turkey1Of course I took pictures.

Turkey2She didn’t mind my camera clicking away one bit.

Turkey 3

Yeah. It’s going to be Tofurkey for Thanksgiving this year.

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