Reading for the Weekend (October 11)

October 11, 2013

Reading the sexy times book Vanilla on Top on my Nook at the subway sandwich place during my lunch break seems like a really good idea. It’s a great distraction from work. A great distraction from work. I feel a little naughty, a little risqué, which is fun. And nobody can see what I’m reading. Right?


Until the teenage busboy walks right up next to me to ask if everything is okay. He means my sub sandwich, of course, but my mouth is full with the just-taken bite of said sandwich, and the boy is standing practically over me and now I’m thinking that he can see the words on my eReader after all and now I’m corrupting a minor.

Gotta love those local, friendly, customer-service oriented eating establishments.


I’m almost done with Covet. So close. I need to secure a good hour so I can finish it straight through, no interruptions. Might have to hit up a coffee shop for that one.


One of the next books I’ll be reading is Who Asked You? After hearing  author Terry McMillan read some excerpts at the book signing event last night, I’m hooked. McMillan is back in top form with the character voice and the dialogue and the humor. I’ll post more on the book signing event next week.

What are you reading this weekend?

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