Books at Bubonicon 45 and Getting my Catfish Fix


August 26, 2013

Bubonicon 45
I hit the tail end of the hallway-long line for George R.R. Martin so that I could get a signed copy of Game of Thrones for Dia. She is a huge fan of the HBO series and is always trying to get me to come over for a GoT marathon. So far, I have resisted. The show sounds too dark, bleak, and bloody for me. I know—this sounds strange from someone currently obsessed with Breaking Bad.


A couple days before Bubonicon, I scoped out Diana Gabaldon, the author who was slated to teach the “How [and How Not] to Write Sex Scenes” workshop. When I read the synopsis of her book Outlander on Goodreads, I remembered a conversation from a year ago: I was having lunch with a friend and she raved about a book she was reading on her Kindle. I’d forgotten all about that conversation until I read the Outlander description and the title and plot sounded so familiar. So I messaged my friend and she’s like “That series is fantastic, I’ve read five books in it.”

I got my friend a signed copy of the Outlander 20th anniversary edition.


Diana Gabaldon, Bubonicon 45

I finally got my autographed copy of Fifth Grave Past the Light. I had attended the book release party back in July, and had to walk away empty-handed. Why? As I was standing in line I got a call that the exercise bike delivery guys were going to be at my house in twenty minutes, an hour earlier than they had originally told me. To deliver the bike that I have spent the past year clearing space for in the garage and saving up for. I had to hightail it out of the bookstore without my book.


Darynda Jones, Bubonicon 45

All fixed now. Plus, I got some cool swag.


I Wish I Had Some Catfish
I have been craving some catfish since I picked up BBQ at Big John’s lunch truck a couple weeks ago, and saw Saturday fish fry on the menu. Unfortunately, the last two Saturdays Big John has had no food truck, because Big John has been too busy with catering gigs. (The nerve!)

Sunday morning, I got an email from my friend Cat that went something like this:

My friend E is cooking today at the LC Club from 4 – 8. She’s making catfish, sweet potatoes, cornbread and greens.  A good day to start our Sunday dinners, so come out if you can. Flo, come and celebrate your bday with us if you don’t have plans.

What’s the most important part of this email? That’s right, catfish dinner at 4 pm.

I was the first one to show up at the LC Club.

After the rest of the gang arrived, and Cat went to go schmooze, Deb said, “Isn’t there a party?”

I said, “No, no party.”

Jo said, “Isn’t there some sort of presentation?”


Deb said, “Then why are we here?”

I didn’t know why they all were there, but I knew why I was. “Because Cat sent out an email that there was going to be catfish dinner.”

Deb said, “Isn’t it somebody’s birthday?”

I said, “Yeah, but I doubt she’s coming.”

By now Jo was cracking up over so much foolishness and Deb said “O-kay. I guess I’m confused.”

No confusion here. Catfish dinner, people.


Chilling with my cat and my happy catfish belly.

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