Reflected in You, Dark Moments, and Lois & Clark Chemistry

June 10, 2013

I am almost done reading Reflected in You by Sylvia Day, the second novel in the Crossfire series, and am enjoying it just as much as the first book. I am also staying up too late at night reading, but it’s worth it.

Reflected in You

I am finalizing the rewrite that I will be taking to the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference in Atlanta to pitch to an agent and editor. I am at the point in the novel of the Dark Moment. You’d think by the third rewrite, the dark moment wouldn’t be so hard to handle, but it is. All the layers and inner turmoil and character flaws are in full play. My own personal demons come screaming up from the depths. I hurt as my characters hurt. I want to cry. I am sloshing through the bottle of Vodka at an alarming pace. After this is over, I am watching nothing but comedies for awhile.

Let there be blue skies again . . .
Let there be blue skies again . . .

In anticipation of the upcoming Man of Steel movie, I have been re-watching my Smallville Blu-Rays. I love Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Clark and Lois. Their early sharp banter is classic playground flirtation:

Clark: “How did you get here?”
Lois: “Feminine charm.”
Clark: “Huh.”
Lois: “I do have some.”
Clark: “Great job protecting your short supply of it.”

I am interested to see how the newest Kent/Lane chemistry a la Henry Cavill and Amy Adams will work. Their exchange at the end of the Man of Steel trailer at the bottom of this post looks promising.

Are you looking forward to the new Superman movie? Who are your favorite Clark Kent/Lois Lane portrayals?

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